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          所屬行業:各種車輛制造與銷售企業性質:外資企業 員工人數:500人以上

          職位名稱:  IE工程師8000-10000
          職位類別: 工業/工廠類 發布日期: 2019-05-28 工作地點: 江海區
          工作年限: 3年 學歷要求: 大專 以上 職位月薪: 8000-10000
          年齡要求: 不限 語言要求: 不限 招聘人數: 4
          KEY SERVICES:

          1.Coordinate responsible project and it’s engineering process
          2.Provide technical support to other departments
          3.Coordinate with ME for tooling design and readiness
          4.Implement DMS requirement in manufacturing system
          5.Back up for other IE engineers
          6.Conduct relative training for employee
          7.Fulfill other responsibility assigned by supervisors

          1.Education Background
          a.Bachelor degree
          b.Engineering education background
          c.Priority of Industrial engineering education background

          2.Skills and knowledge
          a.Good at Excel, Familiar with Access & AutoCAD
          b.Good spoken & written English
          c.Good communication skill